The Role of Hockey in Pop Culture: Movies, TV Shows, and Music

Hockey, with its thrilling intensity and passionate fan base, has not only captivated the hearts of sports enthusiasts but has also made its mark in the realm of pop culture. From the big screen to our living rooms, and even on our playlists, the sport of hockey has seamlessly integrated itself into various forms of entertainment. In this article, we delve into the significant role that hockey plays in pop culture, exploring its representation in movies, TV shows, and music, and how it has become an enduring symbol of excitement, camaraderie, and triumph.

Hockey on the Silver Screen

Movies have long been a medium for showcasing the excitement and drama of hockey. Filmmakers have expertly captured the intensity of the game, the rivalries, and the personal journeys of players. Some iconic hockey movies that have become part of pop culture include:

“Miracle” (2004): This inspiring film tells the true story of the 1980 U.S. Olympic men’s hockey team and their remarkable victory over the dominant Soviet Union team, commonly known as the “Miracle on Ice.” The movie highlights the power of teamwork, determination, and the indomitable spirit of the players.

“Slap Shot” (1977): Considered a classic among hockey enthusiasts, this comedy-drama revolves around a minor league team struggling to stay afloat. The film showcases the grittier side of the sport, with memorable characters and hilarious moments that have made it a cult favorite.

“Mighty Ducks” Trilogy (1992-1996): This family-friendly franchise follows a group of misfit kids who form a hockey team under the guidance of a reluctant coach. The movies not only entertain but also promote teamwork, sportsmanship, and the idea that anyone can overcome obstacles to achieve success.

Hockey on the Small Screen

Television shows have also embraced the excitement of hockey, incorporating it into various storylines and creating dedicated series that revolve around the sport. Here are some notable examples:

“Friday Night Lights” (2006-2011): Although primarily centered around high school football, this critically acclaimed drama series features a storyline involving a talented hockey player who finds a sense of belonging and purpose through the sport. The show highlights the impact sports can have on individuals and communities.

“Hockey Wives” (2015-present): This reality TV series delves into the lives of the wives and girlfriends of professional hockey players. It offers a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges, triumphs, and camaraderie within the hockey community, showcasing the personal side of the sport.

“Letterkenny” (2016-present): While not solely focused on hockey, this Canadian comedy series often features the sport as a backdrop for its witty banter and small-town dynamics. The show has gained a dedicated following for its clever writing and unique mix of comedy and drama.

Hockey in Music

Music has also paid homage to the sport of hockey, celebrating its energy, excitement, and the passion it ignites among fans. From anthems played at games to songs inspired by the sport, hockey has found its place in the world of music. Some notable examples include:

“The Hockey Song” by Stompin’ Tom Connors: This iconic Canadian folk song has become a staple at hockey games. Its catchy tune and spirited lyrics make it an anthem that fans joyously sing along to, embodying the spirit of the sport.

“Gloria” by Laura Branigan: Originally a popular ’80s pop hit, “Gloria” gained renewed popularity when it became the unofficial victory song for the St. Louis Blues during their 2019 Stanley Cup-winning season. The song’s energetic chorus became synonymous with the team’s triumphant run.

“Hockey Night in Canada Theme” by Dolores Claman: The familiar and instantly recognizable theme song for “Hockey Night in Canada” has become deeply ingrained in the fabric of Canadian culture. It evokes a sense of anticipation and excitement for hockey fans across the country.


Hockey’s influence on pop culture extends far beyond the rink. Through movies, TV shows, and music, the sport has become a symbol of determination, teamwork, and the pursuit of victory. Whether it’s the inspirational stories portrayed on the silver screen, the compelling narratives on television, or the anthems that unite fans in arenas worldwide, hockey has firmly established itself as an enduring presence in our entertainment landscape. Its ability to captivate audiences and evoke powerful emotions is a testament to the sport’s universal appeal. As the sport continues to evolve and grow, we can expect its impact on pop culture to remain as strong and exhilarating as ever.


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