Field hockey Skills Proficiency: Skating, Shooting and Stickhandling Techniques

Hockey is a fast and dynamic sport that requires a combination of skill, precision and agility. To excel on the ice, players must master fundamental skills such as skating, shooting and stickhandling. In this article, we will explore the essential techniques for developing these skills and provide valuable insights to help you take your game to the next level.

The fundamentals of skating

Skating is the foundation of hockey and is the primary means of movement on the ice. Here are some key techniques to focus on:

Stride and balance: A powerful stride starts with a solid base and proper balance. Bend your knees, maintain an athletic stance and distribute your weight evenly over the blades of your skates. This foundation allows for efficient energy transfer and increased speed.

Edge work: Mastering edge control is crucial for manoeuvrability and agility. Practice shifting weight from edge to edge while maintaining balance. This skill allows for quick turns, smooth transitions and effective pivots on the ice.

Crossovers: Crossovers are essential for generating speed and changing direction effectively. Practice crossing one foot over the other while maintaining balance and power. Concentrate on using the edges to propel yourself forward.

The art of the shot

Shooting accuracy and power are essential skills for any hockey player who wants to contribute offensively. Here’s how to improve your shooting technique:

Correct Grip: Start by gripping the stick with the top hand near the top of the shaft and the bottom hand lower, creating a comfortable, balanced grip. This will allow for better control and power transfer when shooting.

Weight transfer Shift the weight to the front foot when preparing to shoot. This action generates power and helps you maintain balance during the shot.

Follow-through: Good follow-through is essential for accuracy and power. After releasing the disc, continue the shooting motion by extending the arms and pointing the blade towards the target. This follow-through promotes a smooth release and improves shot placement.

The finesse of stick handling

Stickhandling involves precise control of the puck while passing through opponents and executing a move. Consider these techniques to improve your stickhandling skills:

Hand-eye coordination: Develop your hand-eye coordination by practising various drills that involve following the puck while moving the stick at the same time. This skill allows you to maintain control while keeping your head up to evaluate the game.

Soft hands: Handling the stick requires finesse and touch. Avoid gripping the stick too tightly; instead, maintain a relaxed grip to improve the feel and touch of the puck. This allows for quick and precise movements.

Protecting the disc: Learn to protect the disc from your opponents with your body and stick. Use your body to create a barrier between the puck and opponents, while maintaining control of the puck with quick stick movements.

Skating technique development

Skating drills: Incorporate various skating drills into your training routine to improve specific aspects of your technique. These drills can include forward and backward crossovers, quick starts and stops, and tight turns. Consistent practice of these drills will help you develop muscle memory and improve your overall skating efficiency.

Skate with proper form: Pay attention to your body position while skating. Keep your head up, back straight and shoulders level. Use your core muscles to maintain stability and balance. Also, make sure your strides are long and powerful, with full extension of the legs to generate maximum speed.

Improve shooting accuracy

Practice shooting: set up targets in your shooting area during practice sessions. Aim for specific spots in the net, such as corners or the weak side of the goalie. By incorporating target practice, you can develop the muscle memory needed to consistently hit the desired locations.

Shooting on the move: Practice shooting on the move to simulate game situations. This will help you develop the ability to shoot accurately and powerfully under pressure. Work on shooting with both feet and from various angles to expand your repertoire of shots.

Improve stick handling skills:

Ball handling drills: set up obstacle courses with cones or other objects to simulate game situations. Incorporate quick changes of direction, tight turns and puck protection techniques into your drills. This will help you develop better hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes and the ability to make precise movements with the disc in tight spaces.

Practice with a golf ball: Use a golf ball instead of a disc during stickhandling drills. Its small size and unpredictable motion will force you to perfect your hand movements and improve your control of the disc. When you return to using a normal disc, you will find it easier to handle.

Get creative: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different stickhandling moves and feints. Develop your own style and repertoire of tricks that can fool your opponents and create scoring chances. The more comfortable you are with the puck, the more confident and effective you will be during matches.


Mastering skating, shooting and stickhandling techniques is crucial for hockey players who want to excel in the sport. By focusing on proper skating mechanics, perfecting your accuracy and shooting power, and developing finesse in stick handling, you can improve your performance on the ice. Remember that consistent practice, dedication and a willingness to learn and improve are key components to mastering these essential hockey skills. Take on the challenges and watch your game reach new heights, making you a formidable force on the ice.


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